1) Is there a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) for the development?

No.  The Waterview I Metropolitan District is the entity responsible for overseeing contracted open space / common area maintenance, covenant enforcement, etc. The District contracts with a management company that is responsible for the District’s daily business affairs, statutory compliance, coordination with El Paso County and other local government, and ensuring compliance with the District’s debt service plan. 


2) Is there a park facility within the District?

The answer is no, not at this time.  The Board of Directors are working to determine if there may be land available to construct a park.  If and when land is acquired the District will evaluate how to fund the construction of a Park for recreational use by residents.


3) Can the Metro District be dissolved?

The district was established for the purpose of financing public improvements for the use and benefit of the residents and taxpayers of the District.  When the District’s debt service is paid off, the residents may consider dissolving the Metropolitan District.


4) When and where do meetings take place?

The Board holds regular meeting on the third Tuesday of each odd-numbered month and these meetings are held at the Security Fire Department, 400 Security Boulevard, Security, CO.   


5) Will you change the meeting time?

At this time the meetings are set around the Board members schedules as it is required for them to be attendance unless an approved absence is granted. There is no planned change in the meeting time unless scheduling conflicts arise with Board members and a vote is cast to adjust the meeting time.


6) How many Directors are there?

There are 5 elected Directors who each serve four (4) year terms.


7) How may I become a Director?

Any owner of property within the District, or resident of the District, may submit a self-nomination form to the Designated Election Official (DEO).  If you are interested in more information regarding District elections, please contact the District’s Manager.